Arthur Sherman at the time of his marriage to Hazel Stebbins >

Note:  Note second Sherman family connection in the Stebbins Ancestor section, Miriam Sherman married Ruel Stebbins (7th Generation).  She was the daughter of Timothy Sherman and Sarah Lumbard (Chamberlain)  Their sons included Carlton Luke, who introduced the family name "Carlton" and "Sherman" as given names in the Stebbins line.

Sherman Ancestors

The Ancestors of Arthur Albert Sherman

William Sherman (b1787) = Prudence Turner   Emigraaged from Glocestershire, England to Massacusetts

Child:  John Sherman  (1810-51) = Maria Bassett (b1809) born in England

Child: Albert Sherman (1849-1918) = Frances Este (d1930), born in England

Child: Arthur Albert Sherman (1886-1918) - Hazel Estelle Stebbins (1889-1972), born in England

 Francis Este Sherman, Mother of Arthur, photo 1923, in Palmer, Massachusetts


 Stebbins Sherman and Arthur Sherman about 1915, Palmer MA Hazel >