Sheman - Stebbins Photo Gallery

A collection of family photos from the Stebbins', Shermans, Haveles' and St. George's over the years.

Back Row:Beth Ellen Stokes, Robert Sherman Haveles, Jay Wyman, Roger Sherman, Scott Stokes, Chris Wyman; Front Row:Andrea Haveles Stokes, Pam Haveles, Kayla Haveles, Cheryl Haveles Wyman, Sue Stokes, Andrew Haveles

Donald and Merrill Stebbins with Robert and Roger Sherman at Margaret Street in 1944

Kathryn Linton Sherman, Iola Mae Sherman, Eleanor Gladys Sherman, Wells Beach, ME

Family at Indian Rocks Beach, Florida:  Elmer Stebbins, Shirley Stebbins, Merrill Stebbins, Kathryn Sherman, Roger Sherman, Robert Sherman and Lady.

Last photograph of the brothers and sisters together.  Eleanor, Robert, Kathryn and Iola, Highland Street Residence of Eleanor and Andy Haveles, 1993

Robert & Kathryn (Bob and Tip) Christmas Day, 1948, Lakeland, Florida

Robert and Kathryn Sherman with Donald and Shirley Stebbins

Dr. Bradford Stokes, Andrea Haveles' husband

August 26, 1948, Priscilla's Wedding