Sherman Residences

Apsley Manor



Family Homes

Photos of the homes of the family from the 19th  Century.  Date built in [brackets]

Sherman Homes

26 Park Street, Palmer, first home of Arthur & Hazel Sherman C1870 (Photo 2000)

Margaret Street, Monson,  Residence of Hazel Stebbins Sherman [1870]

As it appears today


2 North Main Street, Monson, MA, first home of Robert, Kathryn & Roger Sherman [ 1900] 1938-1946 (Photo 2000)


Robert & Kathryn at Lakeland Hills Boulevard Home, [C1935]  1946-1952 (Second home and first in Florida)


805 Buena Vista Drive, Lakeland, Florida, Home of Robert, Kathryn & Roger, 1952 - 1958


Meadowbrook Residence of Kathryn & Robert Sherman 1958-1999, Lakeland Florida


Hyde Park, Tampa, residence of Roger Sherman, [1912] 1973-1996


One Laurel Place, Tampa City Center, 1996 to date 


Apsley Manor, current home of Roger Carlton Sherman, Garden Grove, FL [1989+]

Stebbins Homes

Margaret Street, Monson,  Residence of Merrill Stebbins, father of Hazel and Elmer [C1850]

Home of Elmer and Virginia Stebbins, Stebbins Farms, Margaret Street, Monson [C1820+]

Elmer Stebbins' Indian Rocks Home, New Year's Day, 1963, L-R: Grace Linton Burke, Roger Sheman, Shirley Moore Stebbins, Hazel Stebbins Jacobsen, Judy Parker, Robert Sherman, Kathryn Sherman, Joseph Jacobsen, Lucy Moore Stebbins, Elmer Stebbins