Flag of the Descendants of Hazel and Albert

Stebbins quartered Sherman

Wedding Portrait of Hazel and Arthur

The Ancestors and Descendants of Arthur Sherman and Hazel Stebbins

Arthur and Hazel Sherman shortly after their marriage

This site will present genealogical information and current histories of the ancestors of Arthur Sherman of Palmer Massachusetts and Hazel Estelle Stebbins of Monson, Massachusetts, together with their chidren and grandchildren

Brief Overview

More information is available here on the colonial ancestry of Hazel Stebbins and her ancestors from the 1500's, while the Shermans are most accurate from the mid nineteenth century.  The Sherman family is twice connected to the Stebbins Family, and "Sherman" is incorporated as a given name in the Stebbins Family.  Visit the Archive of the Monson Free Library , High Street, Monson, MA for extensive Stebbins and Sherman family records.

For the website of the Stebbins and Sherman ancestors, visit


Last Update August , 2011